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Women's Department

The Women’s Department at Sanctuary of Life Outreach Center focuses on developing a caring community of women devoted to Christ, through:

  • Real Relationships · significant and deepening relationships with one another

  • Christ- Centered Focus · spiritual encouragement and growth

  • Wide-spread Mission · meeting the needs of each other in all seasons of our lives, and of those in our community and around the world.


Our Women’s Department Core Values:

1. We will purpose to inspire, support and challenge one another as the women of S.O.L.O and community.
2. We will purpose to provide a framework for a healthy expression and balance of the S.O.L.O. vision.
3. We will encourage one another in our relationships, spiritual life and giftedness, our ministry and outreach.

The Women's Department is much more than a program. We want to engage a mindset of change, grow and re-focus as God leads and gives passion and mission to the women.

Everything is better together. Come journey with us!


-Evangelist Lachristy Barnette, S.O.L.O. Women's Depart. Director

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